Recruitment Agency In Oldham - Retention Rates Matter

Recruitment agency in Oldham choices are numerous. As a company, when you first set out to form a partnership with a recruitment firm, you might make the wrong decision and put your faith in an inferior agency. What you need to remember when looking at your choices in this respect is that retention rates matter.

It's all well and good recruitment agencies Oldham based proudly proclaiming that they can fill your vacancies with suitable candidates swiftly. When you start looking at your options for staff recruitment Oldham wide, you will find plenty of agencies who can boast excellent figures for placing candidates with companies. However, it's also important to ask and uncover the retention rates of staff; that is, the number of successful candidates who stay employed with businesses like yours for more than twelve months. There are many reasons why candidates may choose not to stay with companies, and many of them are personal to the candidate involved. There are, though, things the recruitment agency can do to mitigate the potential for this occurring. For instance, if they've done their research on matching you and your ideal candidate together, there should be no false expectations on either side. If the candidate is only looking for a short term role, you should be aware of this. Similarly, a candidate should be informed about all the particulars of working with your company to ensure a perfect fit once the working relationship begins. This is where partnering with a good agency is useful because they deliver successful candidates to businesses like yours.

At KPI Recruiting Oldham, we're aware that retention rates are one of the most important things to businesses. As a premier recruitment agency in Oldham, we'll do our best to ensure that you're entirely happy with the candidates we find and that they last for you. To find out more, call 0161 6947695 or visit